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The DigiPen Difference

DigiPen The One Academy is a part of the world's pioneering institution for computer science and game development education. We stand out from the rest with our specialized programmes, emphasis on team projects and applied learning, industry connections and experienced faculty. These are just a few of the characteristics that define who we are.


We teach you the knowledge and skills that are immediately relevant to your professional goals and interests. Our specialized diploma & degree programmes allow you to develop a level of expertise in your field of study.

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We give you the tools to become problem-solvers and innovators through real-world projects. By collaborating with your peers in a studio-like environment, you gain the practical experience of how to build something complex and amazing from start to finish.


Our close connections and alliances with video game development and animation production studios allows you to tap into a deep well of industry experience by sharing knowledge and building professional network. Our ties with major companies such as Sony Interactive Entertainment, Ubisoft, Lemon Sky Studios, Passion Republic and more allows for better career opportunities for our graduates.

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Our faculty team comprise of instructors from DigiPen's international campuses who are experts at the top of their field. They bring the collective experience of award-winning academic research, cutting-edge software development, triple-A game production and industry leadership directly to the classroom.

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