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When Two World-Class Creative & Sci-Tech Giants Meet
DigiPen is a pioneer in the international game education. The One Academy is a world-class creative elite.

Today, when these two creative and technological giants meet and work together, it will bring stunning, striking achievements to the world of international education!

Not only are they industry pioneers, they are also the world leaders in computer science, video game technology and creative education. One is the Founder of DigiPen USA offering the World’s First Degree in Video Game Development and the other is the Founder of The One Academy, the World’s No. 1 Design Academy (Game, Animation & Film Art). Dedicated and enthusiastic in their educational mission, they provide practical, highly specialised, international market-oriented training and high-quality results, upholding the teaching philosophy of “Masters Train Masters” with a professional faculty team of industry experts.

Their common educational goal is to cultivate world-class creative elites! Now, with their strong collaboration and identical educational philosophies, it will create sparks in the international creative & sci-tech industry!

DigiPen The One Academy programmes offer you an outstanding opportunity to gain a comprehensive education of professional standards and international recognition in the fields of computer science and game design. It is now more relevant than ever to dive into these fields following the rising technological trends of the world such as the Metaverse, 6G, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality) and more.

What began as a groundbreaking approach to simulation and game development education has evolved to encompass new programmes in computer engineering, game design and other computer science specializations. This industry-oriented international training programmes with a practical approach will produce the next generation of solution providers and problem-solvers by nurturing market-ready graduates who make their mark on the creative and computer engineering world map.

The partnership between the world-renowned DigiPen Institute of Technology and a world-leading creative institution, The One Academy will undoubtedly benefit the young aspiring talents who aim to gain higher and economical educational experiences in the field of computer science and game design. We will be able to educate and empower students to be active learners, bold problem-solvers and creators, geared towards meeting the demands of the tech industry of today and bringing us one step closer to making the vision of becoming Asia’s animation, gaming and sci-tech hub a reality.

Educational Excellence Through A Merger of Creativity and Technological Science
DigiPen Institute of Technology Founder & President
Co-founded Nintendo Software Technology

Over 30 years ago when DigiPen first opened its doors, the world of real-time 3D simulation was just at its beginning stages. Today, more than a quarter of a century later, the industry has made leaps and bounds in discovery, design and development, as demonstrated by the quality of today’s simulations, video games, animations, software and hardware. It is both exciting and challenging to continuously be on the cutting-edge of these industries. Our graduates have gone on to make a huge impact in their fields and have made us proud that they continue to push technology to the limits. They have proven to be innovators, creators and leaders in their fields. I cannot wait to see what we, as a whole, will achieve in the next 30 years.

The One Academy Founder & Principal
Recipient of Asia's Outstanding Youth Award (Hong Kong)
A strong advocate of creative development in Asia

In today’s world, the digital millennium reigns with the Metaverse, 6G, AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing & Quantum Computing and Game, making a fulfilling career only possible with the right education. With the world’s attention focused on games and sci-tech, The One Academy prides itself as a leader devoted to train and coach the young creative and digitally inclined youth to achieve real-life success in this field and progress to make Malaysia the hub for game development in Southeast Asia. Forging a strong collaboration with the world-renowned DigiPen and bringing in computer science programmes, we are able to further exemplify our perpetual willpower to offer you quality education and industry relevant training so that you are ready to outclass your peers in your future profession. I am confident these programmes will offer you nothing less than the ultimate qualification sought by your future employers. In this sunrise industry, the global market is forecasted to have a growth rate of 9.17% and estimated to be worth US$256.97 billion by 2025 whereas in Malaysia, an estimated US$673 million was spent on games in 2020 (The Edge Markets). With such an abundant market, we can all share the opportunities it brings.

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