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Are you a problem-solver by nature? Do you marvel at the inner workings of complex systems? Whether you’ve already dabbled in programming languages or you don’t know the difference between an "if statement" and a "while-loop", DigiPen The One Academy’s computer science programmes provide a number of paths for students interested in starting a career in software engineering or video game development.

These programmes share a common set of ideas and curricula. The assignments you complete and the code you write will quickly grow in scope and complexity, but through daily practice you may surprise even yourself with the pace at which you are learning and progressing.

Diploma in Game Design
The Diploma in Game Design programme is a combination of theory and practice of game design and user experience, with coursework delving in the humanities, social sciences, art, mathematics and computer science. Students learn the fundamentals of design in computing systems, sound, user experience, technicalities and interactive story-building, applying the knowledge and skills that they learn into creating a game from start to finish in a real-world production environment.
Diploma in Computer Science
The Diploma in Computer Science programme establishes a solid foundation in game design theory, supplemented with computer science, mathematics and physics. Students are exposed to scripting languages, level and map editors while mastering design, producing prototypes and working on projects.
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